Maintenance of lanium products

Lanium products are made from 100% flax and from a mixture of flax and cotton (60% flax - 40% cotton).


The linen is a beautiful, elegant, durable and fine fabric, one of the most powerful plant fibers and it’s 2-3 times stronger than cotton. It is not only strong, but also smooth, and with washing, the linen becomes ever softer and has a high natural shine. Linen fabrics, and also products, in appearance, can seem to be a little bit rough, but do not irritate the skin and give a pleasant feeling of softness.


The flax is a creamy-white to light-brown color, and it is textile that can be easily colored and it does not fade by washing. Linen can be washed at a temperature of 40 ° C.

Lanium products are maintained as follows:

Wash at 40 ° C.

Ironing at a temperature of up to 150 ° C. Ironing with steam or using a damp cloth is allowed.

Bleaching is not allowed.

Purification with perchlorethane, monofluoro-trichlormethane, trifluoro-trichlormetane, specialty petrol, which are typically distilled at between 150 and 210 ° C.

Naturally drying. Knit, hang on the rope and dry.

We advise ironing half dry products because the linen is a natural material and is quickly crushed.

We recommend washing without a centrifuge or with a power of up to 600.

The use of bleaching agents is discouraged.

Lanium products are tested for various stains (coffee, tomato sauce, red wine, white wine, black wine, olive, pumpkin and sunflower oil, various essential oils, lipstick, various cosmetic products, etc.).

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